My final project

For the last 31 months, I’ve been working towards this film. It is a tribute to my father-in-law and a cautionary tale about the dangers of tobacco use.

See Jose’s journey through life as he moves from healthy young man to dying grandfather.


“The Six things you must know to make it in the film industry”

nesrece-na-snimanjima-jedna-od-najvecih-tajni-filmske-industrijeI had researched several other articles about the film industry but this one stood out for it honesty. I have never been on a professional film set myself but I can’t imagine it being very different than my own projects. Time is of the essence and the clock is always ticking. We’re all trying to get the scene filmed as easily and as cheaply as possible.  The last thing we need are negative attitudes and this article delves into why they can be so disruptive to a film set. Someone is listening when you make that comment about the director. This article is a good guide on how to act in general when working mostly any job. Be humble and do what you’re told.

Six Things you must know to make it in the film industry


Next up, I chose this video because it gets young people excited about making movies.That’s always a positive thing. The film industry needs young people who are excited about cinema and want to leave their stamp on the world. There are some great tips for young filmmakers but this also applies to anyone starting out in the industry too.


“Pi” Movie Review

pi_1998“Pi” on

Director Darren Aronofsky’s first feature is an exercise in psychological thrills. A brilliant but troubled New York City mathematician believes everything in the universe can be explained by numbers convinced that there is a pattern to the stock market. He spends his days analyzing it pi_03for a pattern that he is convinced is real and genuine. I won’t spoil the plot much further but will say it involves mental illness, mathematics, and religion. The acting by all is top-notch and the cinematography is great. The black and white palette lends itself nicely to the content.  The soundtrack sounds a little dated today but it fits the era and movie perfectly. It rekindled my passion for film when I first saw it in 1998 and continues to inspire me today. The video below is a clip from the film.

5 of 5 Stars *****



Shock Artist Andres Serrano: Why I make controversial art

I was inspired by what Andres Serrano said about being an artist not a particular race or type of artist. It’s very important that we as artists don’t pigeonhole ourselves into a certain category or type. It would seem that many artists might describe themselves as a “wedding photographer” or something along those lines. We should ascribe to be artists of our chosen medium. Labels are what society uses to categorize. Great artists have no category.