“Pi” Movie Review

pi_1998“Pi” on IMDB.com

Director Darren Aronofsky’s first feature is an exercise in psychological thrills. A brilliant but troubled New York City mathematician believes everything in the universe can be explained by numbers convinced that there is a pattern to the stock market. He spends his days analyzing it pi_03for a pattern that he is convinced is real and genuine. I won’t spoil the plot much further but will say it involves mental illness, mathematics, and religion. The acting by all is top-notch and the cinematography is great. The black and white palette lends itself nicely to the content.  The soundtrack sounds a little dated today but it fits the era and movie perfectly. It rekindled my passion for film when I first saw it in 1998 and continues to inspire me today. The video below is a clip from the film.

5 of 5 Stars *****