My final project; a moving tribute to my father-in-law. See Jose’s journey through life as he moves from healthy young man to dying grandfather.

This clip is a short film I had the pleasure of editing. I edited the film, mixed sound as well color correction to enhance the experience. Rated PG-13 for some violence.

Jeremy Blanton Cinematography Reel from Jeremy Ryan Blanton on Vimeo.

Jeremy Blanton Cinematography Reel
Role: Cinematographer/Director

In the first section, I ventured to the local skate-park to record the teenage skateboarders practicing their skills. Normally these types of clips would be filmed at a much faster frames-per-second such as 30 or 60. I wanted to slow down the action so I shot at 24 frames-per-second. The next clips are from a short documentary for a kitchen remodel. My client was demonstrating her new kitchen. Finally, there are many palm trees in the area I live in and the way they flow in the breeze is hypnotic to me. I had to capture their motion on video.

Video resume